Pretty in Pink

Pretty pink blooming tree at Seattle Center.


4 Responses to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. So sweet, I trouble photographing large flowering plants. This is lovely.

  2. Do you only have one lens, Kym? You need a wide-angle 18-55mm lens to take pictures like this.

  3. :Blush: I have one. I just haven’t had time to figure out the second lens. Or, for that matter, the first one completely.

  4. Your 18-55 is your general purpose lens, your 55-200 is a telephoto lens. It does well for taking most of the pictures you take, up close and far away, but it has a narrow depth of field, while the other lens has a wider one. Guess that’s why they call it a wide angle lens. I’ve had my camera for two years, and I had a head start because my ex was a free-lance photographer who taught me a little, but I still don’t know my camera that well. Just keep taking pictures. You’ll figure it out.

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