Butterfly in Sepia

This is a picture of a butterfly, again from the Tropical Butterfly Pavilion at Pacific Science Center. I took the picture, and in Photoshop, turned everything except the butterfly into a sepia tone.


4 Responses to “Butterfly in Sepia”

  1. Wow, I like this idea. I want to try it now. I don’t have Photoshop, though. I have Jasc Paintshop Pro, but I’m sure it will do it if I can only figure out how.

  2. Hey Dawn, the basic idea is to mask what you want left alone, then apply the sepia tone to the rest. I don’t know anything about Paintshop, but it should have a masking element.

  3. I love this effect. I haven’t worked with masks yet, the way I have done this is select an object in the photo and then apply an effect.
    I am going to have to start working with masks, that’s the next thing I’m going to learn on that program.
    Little here, little there. I love the magic of Photoshop.

  4. I did this one when I took an online class for Photoshop. You can sign up for them through community colleges, and they are relatively cheap, about $80-100, depending on the college.

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